House & Training     


This is another lesson that cannot be given too soon. A lot of people fight shy of the dog ownership because they fear for their carpets and floors, However, it is a simple enough procedure to get a small puppy trained,for most dogs are naturally clean in their habits and want to be shown what to do. It is only because they do not know what you want that they offend.The average small puppy sleeps a good deal,just like a baby. As with a baby,when a puppy awakens the first thing he wants to do is to urinate.




This is where the owner takes over, for as soon as you note the awakeningyou pick up your puppy, take him to the garden door orto the dirt-tray, whichhever suits, and deposit him where he is to make his puddle. Do this with a good deal of ceremony and the puppy will quickly catch on. You will find that the instant he opens his eyes after a sleep he wander at once to the garden door or tray and do his duty. When he does this in the early stages pat him and praise him and you will hasten the training.         










Of course, if you are not there to open the door into the gardren for him at any time, do not blame him for making a puddle that is your fault, not his. Remember, too, that whereas your might have him perfectly trained in your own home, you can not expect a small puppy living in indoors to be house clean when you take him to visit your friends. The geography of the other home will be quite different and may not know where their garden is. He will need to be educated to his new surroundings. Likewise,do not expect a small pup to go all through the night without making a mess.







Youngsters of a few moths are always incontinent, and you should line the floor of the the pen or kitchen, wherever you keep him, with newpapers before retiring. It will be easy then in the morning to gather these up and the pop the lot into the dustbin. Destructiveness is not a Stafford characteristic, although the best of dogs will gnaw a bit if they are bored. However, it is as well to leave a puppy in a room where he is unlikely to cause damage, when hi is left alone. Anyone who goes out and leaves a puppy in the lounge where he can tear up carpets, cushions,and score furniture legs has only himself to blame if damage results.









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