Training to Heel     





Chica Dutch Kenstaff

This is a very important lesson. When mastered, it forms a useful foundation for more advanced obedience work. The dog should be kept to the left side and should move on a slack lead close by his handler's calf.The leash should be held in the right hand, loose enough to allow a slack loop from the dog's collar halfway to the ground. With the command *Heel* move forward together, the dog needing a slight jerk to get him moving.      



Chica Dutch Kenstaaf





Reward tseady progress with a pat on the head and a titbit. As soon as the dog is good enough to release from his leash, do so. This is the Heel Free`exercise and it should be given omly occasionally, as no Staffordshire Bull Terrier should be loose for an extended period. Remember always to make the right hand the correcting hand, the left hand being reserved for rewarding










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