The Funnies

 It is a crazie , foolisch upside down Stafford world

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Wise words words from a wise man

It does not make a difference to a dog,

he never wants to know if it is right or wrong,

he never wonders if there are ups and downs on lifes ladder,

never asks if your poor or rich, foolish or wise, saint or sinner,

lucky or unlucky, have a good or bad name, over burdened with

honour or shame, he still stays faithfull and guards you with his life.


These are the craziest animals you have ever seen

Yes? Honny, wait a sec. I will come right down. 




Leave me alone, I have a terrible headage from last night.


.Sweet little puppy, our little rugby player.


      Ho, ho, ho, am I a little to early this year? 


I just want to watch if my boss is comming home, normally he's allways on time. 

If he is not comming, I think i'll use the tub behind me to mix me some food. 

Attention!!!!!  March.......left, right, left.


Silent, Dad and mom are asleep. 

They had a very buzzy day.


Nice chicken and caught all by myself, oh goodie goodie.


More crazie stuff

As you can see, these dogs are excellent fotodogs.




I am getting a little bit bored with all this posing for my boss.


Am I drunk or something? First the was one and now there are three. 

I think I have to get myself a pare of glasses.


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