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         Dear Dogbreeders,

We "The Dutch Kenstaff Staffordshire Bullterrier Kennel" would like to make an interesting offer. Our dogs are well known all over the world. The web gives us the ability to make ourselves known in a complete different way. If you have this ability we would like to ask you if you are willing to share both our internetsites for the public.

This way we could share our knowledge and give visitors a broader vision of what they want to know and where they can find the right information in a shorter period of time. A link is easily made in notime.


If you are interested in this offer you can reply by mailing to:



or call us at: (+31) 40 2850266


Give also a short discription of the type of breed. This way we are able to give the link a proper name.


Ben Bremmers

Let's join together and share our knowledge.




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