The Beginning   



The assotiation with the Staffordshire Bull Terriers began in 1975 when Ben came back from the sea and stopped sailing. Ben and Marina purchased a lovely bitch by the name Pontus and were from that day on hooked.





In those early days we couldn't imagine that dogs would have an enormous inpact on our lives. We began in 1977 and by 198 the Dutch Kenstaff Kennel Staffords had started  the winning path. Our key to succes is because the fact that we show mutual respect for our options on dogs. In our opinion this has always been healty for our breeding program. When it comes to preserve the quality of dogs it is possible to have an individual opinion and this had always good influences on our decisions.



Ben Bremmers standing next to World Champion Cahill



Our most favourite dog was Laila from the Dutch Kenstaff. She was a bitch with great substance. Laila was born on 22 nd of mai 1984, became accepted as a model for the breed. At the Dutch Kenstaff we let nature take it's course as much as possible. We will compare our breeding program with a game of chess. Sometimes you must move slowly with the pawn, taking step by step, but if we are sure of certain bloodlines you can move your king for the checkmate. If we plan a litter, we plan a littler not only for ourselves, but also for the breed as a whole. Our main concern is the prosperity of the Staffords. As hard as it is, sometimes you must have a very critic look at your own dogs and watch that you not become kennelblind.



This philosophy seems to be quite succesfull looking at the amount of the Dutch Kenstaff Champions. We travel to many places with our dogs, covering almost every show there is to attend in Europe. Showing the Staffords is a big part of our lives and we love every minute of it. After 25 years of very successfull Stafford breeding we have exported our dogs to over 18 countries and bred more than 32 Champions and 6 World Champions.



Our dogs have proven themselves all over the world and they still will!



Nina Dutch Kenstaff


  It is a way of living  

Let's role the dice



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