Responsible Breeding    



What makes responsible breeders a breed apart ?


A responsible breeder is dedicated to their breed - working hard to do everything possibli to maintain and preserve the breed for the enjoyment of future generations. A responsible breeder carefully considers each mating with an eye as to what id best for the breed in terms of appearance,temperament,and health considerations.


A responsible breeder is always there to answer questions,give advice and offer guidance to new puppy owners and will remain a ready source of assistance throughout the animals lifetime.


Responsible breeders are the backbone of their breed.

A responsible breeder.....


   is eager to share detailed breed information 


  believes there are no "stupid"questions 


grabs every opportunity to educate


  explains total breed care


 supplies vet recods,pedigrees,care information


  explains genetic defects in the breed


is willing to let you see the sir & dam 


questions the buyer`s ability to care for the do


talks about training and development


 cares about each and every pup.



The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself 

with him, 

and not only will he not scold you but he will make a fool of him self too...



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