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The Stafford Bull Terrier is a medium sized , velvety-coated, lively, athletic and highly intelligent canine. He outsmarts you on a regular basis! His origins came as a bull-and terrier cross to be used as a superior gaming dog in the rat and dog pits of 19th Century England.

In spite of his nefarious beginnings, his loyalty and love of people, especially children, are legendary and have deservedly earned him the title "The Nanny Dog". He'll hold the flashlight for the burglar, but heaven help the intruder who harms his owner or the children!Many will not start an altercation with a fellow canine, but most will surely finish it, if challenged. His overt friendlyness, sence of fun and untiring love of games make him the supreme icebreaker wherever he goes.


Easily trained, possessing great athletic ability, soundness, courage, loyalty, adaptebility and gentleness are the traids that make him the ideal companion for the responcible pet owner of the 20th Century. Colors like red, fawn, black, brindle, blue, whit or any combination of the previous with white.



Males: Height 14-16 inches and weight 28-38 lbs.

Females: Height 14-16 inches and weight 24-34 lbs.


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