My Thanks to You









I am a dog, your loyal companion,


I was put here on this planet, to be loyal to man,



it`s up to you, to teach me what to do,  




if you teach me tricks, I will be happy to perform, but if you teach me aggression,




through playing tug-of-war, I will bite anyone who comes to our door !





but if you are kind and loving, and leave me plenty to do, than I will be a nice dog,



who doesn`t chew on anything, not even your shoes !!,


please teach me to be good, so that I can be - mans`best friend, 



and be know as the dutch kenstaff stafford, in the whole neighborhood !!






Thanks from your mentally and happy healthy

Dutchkenstaff time`s

P.S.   Don`t forget walking, swimming or just being with you,

and going places are all very important parts of my mental

stability... ah, ha, according to my therapist ! Snicker.


He will be your friend for always and always and always !!


Copyright    Dutch Kenstaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier  All rights reserved