The Staffordshire  

Bull Terrier 



According to the old chronicles the Staffordshire Bull Terrier originates from the 17th century. People dicovered this breed in the year 1935 and became very popular in England.




The ancestors were the Bulldog and the old white English Terrier. A wish rised to breed a dog with a longer snout, strong jaws and especially more skills witch led to the breed of the Staffordshire. Even the first breed resulted in a thickheaded dog with little nobility but with unrivalled currage and determination, needed for the bloody fights with bulls, bears, etc.


Especially in headsize the breed differs a lot from it's ancestors the Bullterrier and as Jack Bernard says it in friendly words in "Dog World" a shape of a bullyhead is long and wigshaped with a somewhat Roman nose and standing ears in comparisson to the pear formed nose of a Staffordshire witch looks like an oldfashioned cole shovel, great muscular cheeks. But the ears may not hang down or stand up called tipear or a rosesear.


 Although the bloody dogfights were held in mining areas, this sport was also popular elsewhere. Londen was the centre when it came down to dogfights and lasted till worldwar one. The turningpoint of these fights was thanks to the cause of another game held with the Staffords for human pleassure and pastime. Staffords where used in an arena where rats were set free and it was up to the dog to kill as much rats in a short period of time. The dog who did that in the shortest amount of time was prenounced as the winner. Due to the reason of breeding, appearance and combativeness the Stafford made himself not popular in the minds of other people wich kept the dog in the hands of miners.


After 1935 the Staffordshire got it's fame and became registered by the Kennel Club. The reason for this late happening is due the fact that these dogs were kept not only for dogfights but also as familydogs with other purposes. The dogs were used for dogshows and gaurddogs around the house thanks to his loyalty and tranquil nature.


In America the breed is known as the Staffordshire Terrier, also called the American Bullterrier, Yankee terrier or Pit Bullterrier. The American breed differs from his English counterpart in weight and colour. He is heavier and differs in colour but black-and-tan and liver-colour is not preferred. 


Distinguishing marks

The Modern Staffordshire Bullterrier inherited it's nature from the past.
His matchless courrage, enormous intelligence and determination.
All this power is in harmony with the liability for his friends and especialy children,
his tranquil kind when he's not in action and his reliable stand, make him a dog apropriate for every target in mind.



General apperance

The Staffordshire Bullterrier is smooth-haired. For his size he needs to posses much strength although mussled be lively and dextrous.

Head and skull

Short, in general deep, broad skull, enormous developed cheekmussles,short and black snout.


Preferred dark but may coulour with the dogs pelt. 

Round, middle sized and placed in such a way that they look forward.


Rozenear or half standing and not too big. 

Hanging or standing ears are objectionable.


Seen from the backside the rear legs must be parallel to each other. 

The thies must be mussledand the lower legs must be developed.

A bent knie is preferred end the hiel must be low angled. 

The metatarsal shot and knockled.


The feet must be round and closed with tight bend toes.


Short tail worn horizontal. 

Thick at the base and slim tipped at the end.


For the white variant: pure white and spots on top of the head is prohibited.

For the brindled variant: brindle must be the primary colour.

Size and weight

There is no maximum size or weight given. 

The dog must be in ballance according to body weight and size.

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