Why are there always some people at a dog show, who complain a whole day about everyone and anything? Why do they always ruin the atmosphere for the others? Why do they go to the show ?

Why don't they spend their money elswhere? Why do they always criticize the judge? Why do they accuse the judge of giving away points? Why can't they even sit down and trow a towl in the ring, before prejudging "who" has bred the dog, maybe they know? Why a judge makes a certain choice? 

Why have they forgotten how it all began? Was it not once a hobby? Why can't we just appreciate a beautiful dog and like it? Why are these people so keen to over exagerrate faults and negative points beyond extreem? A negative comment only means one thing to them, for their own beneit, as the club chairman has long since noted: "Do you know why?". Perhaps because these people are really not breed lovers! 

Why should we find sympathy with these sorts when they never could praise another persons dog? Why are they not able to say the words: "Oh what a lovely dog" to others and i wish that he was mine.  Why can they never say: "A pity we dit not win today, also we did saw some very good dogs in the ring, but never mind, tomorrow is another day". Why can't the same people ever find anything good to say about a dog? Why is a breeders meeting also something to be sceptic about?


Why do they forget that the committee sits at the table for their benefit? Why do they believe that only the committee will benefit from that? What they forget is that if the committee charged an hourly rate, they would be on a damn good salary. Why do these people not know what they are doing? Why do they vote out the most important issues? 

Why do these people applaud their own undoing? Why do thay believe the committe sits their just to irritate them? Why do they not comprehend already existing breeding laws for certain breeds?

Why don't they realise how dangerous it is to have virtually no pro- argument against the Ministry? Why don't they realise that this way we all run the risk that the English Staff could receive a breeding ban within three years? Why would i think that the kennel club nl could be perhaps right otherwise. Why would all the breeders be so afraid of these new rules? Have these people something to hide or to be afraid of? Yes, their bank account of course it really shouldn't cost most of them a penny!!


Why don't these people realise that if they carry on this way, there will be nothing left in the pocket? Why don't these people go back to square one and start with apprechiating the dogs they have in their own backyard for a change? Why can't these people show any respect for their fellow breeders?

Why can't they work together? Why don't some of them speak to each other anymore? Do they really know what the argument was all about? Should you feel upset by my words that you belong to this group, you should feel shocked that you feel the same way as I do.



  Ben Bremmers 

Dutch Kenstaff Stafford Kennel 




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