Safeguarding Your Stafford 








It is hoped that when you are reading this it is for information only and not because your dog has been lost or stolen. It is intended that these guidelines will be of value to you, not only in advising you on sensible precautions to take on safeguarding your dogs, but give you advice on what to do in the event of your dog going missing.


It is a sad fact that dog theft in on the increase, and we should all be aware that the Stafford is amongst those most frequently stolen. It is estimated that approximately 2000 Staffords pass through Battersea Dogs Home and Welfare annually, how many of these have been stolen or escaped accidentally?


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Listed below are sensible precautions that it is strongly recommended you follow to help minimise the opportunity of theft occurring.

Ensure that your dog is wearing a collar with an identification tag attached when it is out in public, this is a legal requirement.




It is strongly recommended that you ensure that you dog can be identified wherever it may turn up in the country. The Dutch Kenstaff can advise on how to get DNA profiling done. Alternatively there is microchipping or tattoing and your own vet can tell you where you can get this done locally to you.


Do you have an up to date photograph of your dog(s), this will help will identification should your dog be stolen.

Make sure that your property is securely fenced, and should you have a back garden gate onto an alleyway, make sure it is locked. You have a legal responsibility under the Dangerous Dogs Act to ensure your dog does not stray and cause a nuisance. Remember that most thieves are opportunists.







1. Do not leave your dog unattended in the garden.

2. Never leave your dog tied up outside a shop, even if it is only for a moment.

3. Do not leave your dog in the car, it has been known for dogs to be taken from locked cars.

4. Be very careful where you let your dog off the lead.

5. Be aware at all times.






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