Canine Hepatitis





Infectious canine hepatitis is a contagious viral disease of dogs, foxes and other canids. The disease should not be confused with human hepatitis even though both diseases cause liver problems. Dogs and other canids do not transmit the disease to humans!



Vaccinations are extremely effective in preventing this disease and it is rare that a vaccinated dog becomes infected.






Two forms of the desease are possible . With the acute form of the disease, dogs develop a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Eventually they become moribund and die. All of this occurs within a few hours.









A more mild form of hepatitis may result in a syndrome called "blue eye." Damaged corneal cells are responsible for this condition. This is often the resuld of an inapparent or chronic infection. Very rarely, this condition is seen after hepatitis vaccination and usually disappears spontaneously. Modern vaccines seem to be free from this side effect.









Vaccination against hepatitis is usually combined with  Distemper vaccine. The  vaccine is very effective in preventing the disease. Boosters should be administered regularly.







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