Staffordshire Bull Terrier  











Only bath a Stafford if he has encountered some mess and got it on his coat. Occasionally, after a spell of very dirty weather with an important dog show imminent he will need a bath; other than these factors he can probably go for months before being put in the tub. Excessive or unnecessary bathing will remove the natural oils from a dog's coat, making it dry and probably fluffy. Some Staffords incline towards coat coarseness and these particularly seem to suffer the results of a bath.













A good daily brushing will achieve most that a bath can do without the latter's deleterious effects. Some Staffords like a swim, although it is not really typical of the breed. In fresh-water lakes and rivers no harm can ensue, but keep your dog out of the sea unless you are in a position to put him under a fresh-water shower to remove the salt,which is liable to cake and dry-out the skin. The breed has a propensity to skin dryness anyway and salt water can aggravate the condition and induce a bareness sometimes difficult to repair.








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