All Staffordshire Bull Terrier's should be groomed daily.The kennel dog may need more attention than the family pet, but regular brushing is important. Use a hound-glove or a medium bristle brush, finishing off with a good polish by chamois leather. While the dog is before you, check his ears; make sure they are clean no dirt or wax. Look at his teeth and gums; ensure they are healthy. His eyes should be bright and clean too, and his lips free from saliva. Run the thumb round the upper set-on of his tail, peering into the skin beneath the coat as you do it. Any parasites, which so often collect in this area, should be disposed of at once. A few can be picket out, but if a lot congregate them dusting with a suitable proprietary powder is essential.




Lift the tail and examine the anus. Sometimes cleaning is neccessary, often a soreness will be detected. This is due to the anal glands on each side of the anus beig clogged. A veterinary surgeon will attend to the matter for you, but it is easy enough to cope with. Holding the tail up in the left hand, take a flat pad of cotton wool in the right and clamp it over the affected region. Push in and squeeze at the same time and it will be found that the offending matter will exude and can be disposed of, thus avoiding possible abscesses. Apart from the foregoing the Stafford needs scant attention. A lot of show exhibitors make a point of trimming below the dog's tail. 






This entails removing the feather or long hair of the tail's underpart to give a whip or rat tail effect. Officially, it is believed to be frowned upon, if done,care should be taken to remove none of the side and upper tail hair and to ensure that the tip of the tail is brought to a fine neat point.No doubt about it,the operation improves a Stafford's appearance and give him a stylish bearing. Never be persuaded to trim off a Stafford's facial whiskers in the mistaken belief that without them he has a cleaner appearance. Quite apart from the probable inconvenience to the dog, it produces an alien effect.






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