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One does not like to dwell on this too much. It is better to punish with words than with hand, but sometimes the latter becomes neccessary if the dog is stubborn and fractious.However, when training a dog, better and more lasting results will be achievedwith patience, audible and understandable commands, and judiceous use of reward and praise. Corporal punishment in the course of the dog's lessons will dampen his interest in the proceedings and shatter his confidence in the trainer.









If the Staffordshire Bull Terrier  really needs a clump it should be a modest one.Such a smack probable will not hurt him they don't appear to feel such things as might a lesser breed of dog* but it will halt him and make him think.Apply it with the word *No* and the best and safest place is with the hand around the muscle build-up of the cheeks.Never hit a dog across the loins or tail end; this is dangerous.









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