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Puppy shots

 Shot under skin,back of neck 

              1st  shot at 6 weeks parvo                 

2nd shot 9 weeks parvo/distemper-7 way

 3rd shot at 12 weeks parvo/distemper-7way

 4th shot at 16 weeks adult parvo,

             1 time a year thereafter.             

Parvo Shot

     Administered by licensed vet only

First shot at 20 weeks,once a year thereafter.)


Please do not play around with these Parvo shot. Allow a licensed Vet to administer them ON SCHEDULE.Parvo is a fast killer of Staffords,and even a few days difference in these shots could mean the difference between life and death. 


Rabies shot

   Administered  by licensed  ved  only


First shot at 18 weeks,once a year thereafter.The above guidelines are a recommendation only,provided by our veterinarian.You should consult with your own veterinarian,and let him/her set up a schedule for you staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog.

 Puppies Diseases and  Conditions

Allergies,Skin and Ears

The skin and hair coat protect the body from infections, parasites and elements. It also maintains the body's internal environment,preventing loss of moisture and other body  constituents.Because the skin is on the outside of the body and therefore exposed, it is easily susceptible to injury and disease.Some of the more common skin diseases affecting puppies are described in thearticles listed below. 


Only the best is good enough for us... and you. So watch for your dog.


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