Exited puppies who urinate when they 

meet new people.   

Does it also happen to your pup? 

  The pup doctor gives advice.  


During excitement, young dogs often spontaneously urinate. They have no control over this and sometimes do not even realize it has occured. Other dogs may urinate as a sign of submission in the presence of another animal or person that they consider dominant. These animals may also not be able to control their action. Submissive urination is sometimes seen in puppies or young dogs that have been abused. However, many puppies that are perfectly  normal from good backgrounds may also develop a pattern of involutary urination. These problems seem to be caused by either a lack of neuromuscular control over the bladder or by previous treatment that frightened or intimidated the puppie.

Training procedures and even mrdications have been used on these puppies. The training can work in some cases when done by experienced individuals but most people only make trhe problem worse. Medications that have been tried are sedaives but they only seem to be useful while the animals were on them, with the problem reoccurring after discontinuation.


Most owners will get little benefitnout of trying to determine why their puppy urinates in an involuntary fashion. They would be better off trying to determine what actions or events cause it to occur.For this will be easy. Excitement or sudden movement toward the puppy may cause it to urinate. For others it might be something as simple as direct eye contact. Many puppies urinate when you bend over them ,so instead, kneel down to their level. Whatever the cause, do your best to eliminate these situations or actions. Most puppies will out grow, this behavior by six months of age, especially  if we let them mature  through this stage of their life in a gentle and calm environment. Be patient. When an accident occurs, don't make a fuss. Please clean it up and forget it. 


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