What is Sterilization   





Physical sterilization is the most effective way to prevent unwanted puppies. It is a surgical procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian, under strict sterile conditions to remove the reproductive organs from the animal testicles for a male dogs: and the womb and ovaries for female dogs. The procedure lasts 16 to 48 minutes, depending on the size of the animal, its fat content and whether it is in heat or pregnat. A sterilization female and male are said to be spayed and castrated respectively.



     How safe is Sterilization     



Physical sterilization holds a small element of risk because of the use of a general anaesthesia. The side effect most commonly cited is that sterilized females tend to put on weight.

However, this phenomenon is more the result of overfeeding than a consequence of sterilization.


  Benefits of Sterilization  



For a female dog * Significantly reduced risk of mammary cancer. * Eliminate the risk of womb infection.* Stop her coming on heat.

For a male dog*  Less likely to urinate indiscriminately.* Less aggressive and more manageable.* Less likely to roam and get into accidents.* Marked reduce its mounting behavior.





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