Medical Problems      




Bull and Terrier ownership is ** always think ahead.**

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !

Although relatively problem-free, Staffordshire Bull Terriers sometimes exhibit hereditary problems and susceptibilies that can range in degree of seriousness from mild to life-threatening:



Any brachycephalic *short - or broad-headed breed such as the bulldog * may be prone to breathing problems because of foreshortening of the nasal passage. Cleft palate is sometimes found in puppies and such puppies are usually humanely destroyed; they cannot draw milk properly and if not abandoned by their dam,may starve. Some dogs are born with an elongated soft palate. If not extreme, it may not be noticeable ore bothersome to the dog. However, extreme cases indentifiable by respiratory distress and infection,stentorian breathing and difficulty in eating can be corrected surgically.This surgical procedure renders a dog ineligible to be shown in AKC - sanctioned conformatuion classes

         Congenital Epilepsy          

Congenital epilepsy occurs at 3 to 5 a 6 years, and can result from trauma.Although littr understood, once diagnosed, it can be controlled with medication.


   Juvenile Cataracts  

Although cataracts are considered an affiction of older dogs, some Stafford pupsdevelop them. The condition should be diagnosed by an eye specialist.


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