Collars and Leads  














A Staffordshire Bull Terier should be equipped with two collars, a narrow strap collar to be worn indoors during the day (taken of at night to avoid ruffing his neckline) and a fancy studded collar for his walks and shows. It is important to keep on the plain strap collar all day for it allows some control should the dog have to be grabbed.The studded collar should not be more than two inches wide; a broader one detracts from the average Staffordshire neckline. How many studs you have in it is a matter of personal taste, but to get the best effect from such a collar, have it liberally studded and with the D-ring (to which the leash is attached) fitted in whit the stud design so that it comes on top of the dog's neck when the buckle lies underneath his neck.
















Thus, when the leash is attached it pulls the D-ring and studded part round for all to see and the buckle slips out of sight.Dog harness is seldom seen these days, although some American dogs have been pictured with it.It looks a little absurd on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and,therefore,is not to be recommended.The best type of lead to be used for such a strong breed as ours is one made from the strongest bridle leather 3/4 in. to I  in. wide and thick through. A strong brass buclle should be fitted to one end, and the othersewn into the conventional loop.The buckle fitting is superior to the conventional metal spring clip attachment usually senn and certainly preferable to the scissor release clip, which is liable to open up and free the dog if a careless grapis made at his collar.

Chain leads are not popular. They cut into the hands too fiercely, and choke-chains of the kind used in obedience work: do not seem to work well on Staffords. This is probably because many dogs of this breed, apparently contemptuous of physical pain, will often allow a chain to cut into the flesh of the neck rather than submit to the training correction such a chain is supposed to give.










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