A telephone number will often help to speed up selling your litter, but what ever method you will employ, always make it clear to would-be buyers that your offer is made 'subject to being unsold'. Some people hesitate to say that a price is too high for them and often promise to call and buy. By the time they arrive you may have refused half a dozen genuine purchasers, only to find your self with a puppy on your hands-unsold.
















If you book an order by post, get a deposit before you agree to hold the puppy-one pound is enough. Not many people will bother to remit even a nominal sum unless their interest is genuine and they have every intention of buying. When the time draws near for the puppy to be despatched or handed over to his new owner, make sure of the balance of remittance before parting with the dog. Livestock is notoriously a bad credit risk and you need have no qualms about insisting on payment before delivery.  




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