Sending a Staffordshire Bull Terrier"s 

        By Air       










This is work for the specialist livestock agent of which there are many around today, most of them very experienced and useful to know. Most countries abroad allow import by air, but a few do not, insisting on boat or surface travel. Your agent will inform you of the various foreign rules to be followed, the injections involved, and so on. In fact, he will advise and do the work for you. All you need do is to leliver the puppy at the appointed hour; he might even collect it for you.


















Of course, there will be his agent's fee over and above the normal air freight for the puppy and his kennel, but this is often ridiculously small. Be sure when you consign a puppy abroad that you register him first at the Kennel Club, transfer him to his new owner, and obtain an Export Pedigree.The last document cost you not much and it should be chargedto the new owner,but it will help him to clear his puppy quicklythrough Customs with minimal charges when it arrives.


















The Kennel club will not issue an export Pedigree on a male puppy unless you supply with your application an Entirety Certificate, which confirms by any veterinary surgeon or practitioner that the puppy is entire,i.e. with both his testicles descended into the scrotum.Documentation of this kind must beeffected before the puppy leaves his home shores as it cannot be done afterwards. In conclusion, never feed a small puppy just prior to despatching or he will be sick and start his big adventure feeling miserable.




























If there is a long enough interval before he leaves in the morning give him a light milky meal about two to three hours earlier, making sure that he has opportunity of clearing himself before entering his box or kennel.







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