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Dutch Kenstaff


Boris tale began on Christmas Eve 1994 when a policeman found her hanging by her choke chain from the porch of her owners home.A jet black Staffordshire Bull Terrier she was malnourished, mistreated, and ill. She did not have adequate shelter, no food or water was available, and temperatures had dropped below freezing. Three or seven four-week-old puppies were locked inside the house, out of reach of feedings from their mother. Boris was taken to a local animal shelter, and for the second time in four months, her owner was cited for cruelty to animals. In february 1995, that shelter was closed and another shelter took Boris, while the owner was petitioning to regain custody.



Dutch Kenstaff





A sries of hearings ensued over the next 11 months. Although the owner was eventually found guilty on two animal cruelty counts, she still wanted her dog back. In November 1995 my husband and I inquired about a foster program at this same shelter where we had volunteered since 1985. We were in the process of selling our townhome and moving into a larger home with a fenced back yard that we agreed would be perfect for a dog ...someday. Becouse I had never owned a dog and my husband hadn't had one since he was a child, the fostering arrangement seemed like a perfect oppertunty to see whether we were ready for the responsibity of caring for a dog.









I called the shelter and they told me they had the perfect dog for us to foster, although she was not available for adoption. My husband and I visited Boris to determine whether we wanted to foster her for a weekend.During that visit, Boris sat at the back of her cage and took a good long look at us--seemed like she was checking us out. We took her home for her first fostering weekend and when we got home,Boris ran all around the house, smelling everything. We took her for walks, played with her, and everyone had great time. We fostered Boris again during December and began to grow attached. Boris always whined when we returned her to the shelter after our weekends, but at that time we still didn't have any plans to adopt her permanently.










We wanted to wait until we got settled in our new home before adopting a dog, Boris owner was still trying to get her back. We thought long and hard before the last hearing for custody and decided that we needed to do something to ensure Boris got a good home with an owner who would provide a loving, safe, and secure environment. My husband and I wrote a petition asking for support i Boris case. After circulating it for ten days, we were able to obtian  more than 1300 signatures. We then mailed the petition to the judge presiding over the case and requested that he not return Boris to her former owner. In the middle of December, we fostered Boris again and she stayed with us until her court date.









We went to the hearing with Boris and other representatives from the shelter. At that hearing, the judge granted custody of Boris to the shelter, which meant that now she would be available for adoption. We don't know whether our petitions made a diference because they were never mention. during the hearing, but we'd like to believe they did. Shortly after that we adopted Boris. She adjusted beautifully to her new surroundings and made the move from townhome to our new home wite ease. Boris is now a college graduate '(i.e., she graduated from obedience training with high honors and has received much love...and squeak and chew toys...from generous family, friends, and coworkers.






Boris can play tug and fetch for hours, but her favorite is being with people.. She is a very special dog, the wonderful pet we all knew she could be if only given the chance.





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