Staffordshire Bull Terrier    


Yes we watch 'em every minute.

     Bam - Bam Dancer    




Bam - Bam Dancer is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog that I acquired when her previous owner had to move to handicapped-accessible housing, which, at that time, prohibited pets. Her former owner told me a charming story of how Bam - Bam almost got her human companions in trouble with the law.It seems that Bam - Bam and het humans were to freshwater lake on a fishing excursion. Because Bam - Bam generally hung around her humans and didn't wander, no one was paying particular attention to her activities.



At some point Bam - Bam humans were approached by a rather angry game warden who indicated that they had far exceeded their limit of fish. These people were very surprised and confused, and stuttered to the warden about how they had dutifully been trowing back the fish. One man demonstrated this fact by throwing one of the many fish now seen to be lying on the shore behind them. To everyone's amazement, Bam - Bam who doesn't not appear to have an ounce of Retriever blood in her promptly jumped into the lake and brought the fish back to shore,


laying it on the ground behind her human pack members ! Since that episode, Bam - Bam hasn't done any more fishing, but she remains an extraordinary friend in many other ways.




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