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I first met Sox  at my place of employment; a residential treatment center for adolescent substance abusers. She would stray there on a regular basis, although technically she was owned by a family who lived nearby. Though instructed not to feed her, the kids always managed to find ways to sneak a meal or treats to her. Sox was extremely friendly, but when her owners would arrive, she would cower and then they would hit her. When she was about 2 years old, there was a period of two weeks during which Sox never left the premises of the treatment facility and her owners stopped coming to get her.





One day she wandered into the road and was almost hit by a car. I could no longer stand to watch her to be hungry, or bear seeing her with a matted coat and covered with ticks. I was leaving that day in june 1996 for a two - week vacation and took her home with me. I called the animal control officer in town to lrt him know what I had done, in case her owners would come looking for her, and I also notified the local animal welfare society in case her owners contacted them. Two months later I checked with both agencies, learned that no one had inquired as to her where abouts, and decided to keep her.







My other dog was 17 years old at the time and suffered from hind limb paralysis. Sox was so good with him-gently and loving. She made no effort to steal his food or play roughly with him. When he had to be euthanatized two months later, Sox seemed to sense my loss and was just as gently and loving with me. Now Sox goesa to work with me every day. I dare not leave her home because the residents at work look at me incredulously and ask, Where's is Sox ?"even before they say hello to me.Our facility often houses kids who have histories of physical or sexual abuse and have great difficulty trusting anyone.








Inevitable, they make their first connection with Sox. Sox is often my passport to a relationship with them because they will stop in my office to pet her, or join me outside as I throw a frisbee or teenis ball for her. Sox loves to catch frisbees, chase balls or sticks, and can do this for ours. When I trust one of these kids to feed her or take her for a walk, that child feels so terribly important. Talk about empowerment! Sox takes her role in stride-she just wants to be the center of attention wherever she is. Sox is truly a gift from God, and  as important a member of the staff as are our cuonselors !  








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